The Mystery of the Daisies – St. Therese

St. Therese of Lisieux

This is an excerpt from the writings of St. Therese of Lisieux. If you wish, you can download it as a pdf document for off-line reading.

Jesus has created a multitude of little daisies
to delight our eyes and instruct our souls.
I see with wonder that in the morning
their pink petals are turned eastwards,
waiting for the rising sun.
As soon as this radiant star
sends towards them one of its warm rays
the shy flowers gradually open their cups.
Their delicate petals form a crown,
leaving exposed their little yellow hearts.
Straightaway they give a wonderful resemblance
to what has struck them with its light.
Throughout the day these daisies
do not cease to be fixed on the sun,
turning towards it until evening.
Then, when the sun disappears,
they quickly close their petals
and from white they turn pink again.
Jesus is the divine Sun
and the daisies are his spouses, the virgins.
When Jesus looks at a soul,
immediately he gives it his divine resemblance.
But it is necessary for this soul
never to stop fixing its gaze on him

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