The Cosmic Christ

This partial view of a painting by Jeffrey Lunge  can only suggest Fr. Eric’s profound description of what Jesus’ Ascension means.

Followed by an apt poem for the season


This is a Beautiful Time

This is a beautiful time, this last age, the age of

the Holy Spirit.

This is the long-awaited day of His reign in our

souls through grace.

He is crying to every soul that is walled:

Open to Me, My spouse, My sister.

And once inside, He is calling again:

Come to Me here in this secret place.

Oh, hear Him tonight crying all over the world

a last desperate summons of love to a dying race.


Acres we are to be gathered for God: He would pour

out His measureless morning

upon divinized lands, bought by blood, to their

Purchaser given.

Oh, hear Him within you speaking His infinite love,

moving like some divine and audible leaven,

lifting the sky of the soul with expansions of light,

shaping new heights and new depths,

and, at your stir of assent,

spreading the mountains with flame, filling the

hollows with heaven.


Jessica Powers

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