Spiritual Testimonies

Spiritual Testimony 49

(Seville, 1575)

God’s Presence in the Soul

Once when I was recollected in this company, I always bear with me in my soul, God seemed so present to me that I though of St. Peters words: ‘You are Christ, Son of the living God.’ For God was thus living in my soul.

This presence is not like other visions, because it is accompanied by such living faith that one cannot doubt that the Trinity is in our souls by presence, power and essence. It is an extremely beneficial thing to understand this truth.

Since I was amazed to see such Majesty in something so lowly as my soul, I heard: “It is not lowly, daughter, for it is made in my image.”

I also understood some things about why God delights to be with souls more than with other creatures. These matters were so subtle that even though my intellect understood them immediately, I shall not be able to explain them.

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