Reveal Your Presence: The Yes of Love

When we gathered on December 8th,

We did so with great enthusiasm since we remembered how the favour given Our Lady was meant for us as well, that we too would become full of grace.  That excitement prevailed as we touched on the meaning of hope, hope that is driven by the presence of the Spirit within us, nudging us to maintain a Rule of Life that makes our hearts ready.  Sr. Ceil handed out copies of The Romances by John of the Cross, poems describing a conversation between God the Father and Son and their delightful plan for how they would exhalt humanity.  Such hope-filled Advent reading!  For a copy, click here.

Gillian continued the Advent theme of waiting:

In her talk, Gillian draws on John of the Cross and others to urge us into the complete Yes of Love. You may listen to Gillian’s talk by clicking below. 40 min.

Reveal your presence

And may the vision of Your beauty be my death;

For the sickness of love

Is not cured

Except by Your very presence and image. (John + Spir. Canticle, 11)

She urges us to be so alive, so longing to be ready, so in touch with our longing and desire to increase it, that we would experience more and more fully pregnant moments, pregnant with presence.  And this by completing the Yes of love: let it be! Let the door of my heart be wide open.

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