On Terms of Friendship

On Terms of Friendship

Prayer is a conversation, not an interview.

Its purpose is friendship, not gain.

It involves listening as well as talking.

It requires silence as well as sound.


God can talk to us by an earthquake or a gentle breeze.

He can talk to us without the noise of words.

He can talk to us equally well while we are talking to Him.


Not only is He listening to what we are saying,

But He has already told us what we are telling Him.


He hears what we are saying,

He hears what we are not saying,

He hears what we are unable to say.


And He answers in His own way

From within our thoughts and our words.


He can bypass the ear and the imagination

And the intellectual concept

And give us to understanding His meaning

Beyond the reach of words.


God has no need to come in through the ear.

He is already in our heart and knows its content.

Livinus Donohoe, OCD


The Hidden Life


For those blessed souls who have entered into unity of life with God,


Everything is one:

 rest and activity,

 looking and acting,

silence and speaking,

 listening and communicating,

 surrender in loving acceptance

 And an outpouring of love in grateful songs of praise.

Edith Stein







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