Nuggets from Carmel


‘Behold, I will espouse you, lead you into the desert and there I will speak to your heart.’

Hosea 2:14

‘Carmel is characterised by an awareness of the presence within the human heart of the very being of God.’


‘Contemplation is none other than a secret, peaceful and loving infusion of God, which if the soul allows it to happen, enflames it in the spirit of love.’ 

Dark Night 1,10,6 John of the Cross


This union with God; is like what we have when rain falls from the sky into a river or fount; all is water, for the rain that fell from heaven cannot be divided or separated from the water of the river.’

Interior Castle 7 Teresa of Avila

‘This is the reason for prayer, the purpose of this union (spiritual marriage): the birth always of good works, good works!’

Interior Castle 7 Teresa of Avila

‘The lord does not look so much at the greatness of our works as at the love with which they are done.’

Interior Castle 7 Teresa of Avila


St Therese of Lisieux declared;

‘My vocation is love.’  

What other vocation can there be?

‘Carmelite spirituality is not contemplative and apostolic. It is apostolic because it is contemplative.’ (Paul-Marie of the Cross)


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