May 12th Retreat Gathering Day

Pope Francis made a visit to our day of gathering on Friday evening with an immensely helpful talk by Thomas on detachment and discernment taken from Pope Francis’ recent writing on holiness. Br. Thomas indicates how these two virtues are so necessary to gain radiant interior freedom, how St. Ignatius helps us by describing holy indifference. And how Delight Via Detachment and Discernment points us towards living in the deeps.

Fr. Bob Bulbrook, who has been living with us since March as our chaplain, preached at the opening liturgy about what Carmelites want most: God.

Sr. Ceil spoke about how we make progress along the way step by step when we hit a wall. We experience a minor crisis and through prayer and discernment are graced to detach from this present way of thinking and break open into a bigger space filled with more reality. Each time we break through we move further away from our me-centred world and make ready for the coming of God himself.

Then Gillian took us to Teresa’s 7th mansion, the most real place on earth.  Teresa answers the question: What is holiness? She and the Pope are on the same wave length. Both tell us about the fulness of humanity, being all we are meant to be. This is as close as we get to Heaven on Earth.

These days of recollection are for both our HH monks in community, retreatants if they so wish, and our friends of Carmel are meant to reset our sites. To assess once again where we are going and whether we are encountering obstacles. Together for mutual support. The days are characterized by a spirit of freedom and delight in the beauty of God’s presence as we are present with one another.

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