In You I Am Well Pleased

According to St. Athanasius “The only-begotten Son of God, wanting to make us sharers in his divinity assumed our nature, so that he, made man might make men gods.”  We are not and never will be infinite, but God wants us to participate as intimately as possible with his nature so that we become divinized.  Carmelite spirituality teaches that God desires us, even in this life, to live in complete union with him.  Fr. Eric makes much of the sacrament of Baptism since its gifts of faith, hope and love open out onto a world that is eternal and that is initiated by God himself and that can culminate in a level of communion that is wholly sanctifying.. Should candidates be able to understand the meaning of the sacrament?  No, says Alexader Schmemann, since understanding can be part of the gift given in the sacrament..

Fr. Eric Haarer

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