Heavenly Easter

I Have Raised Humanity to The Highest Heavens!

He who suspended the earth is suspended,

He who fastened the heavens is fastened,

He who fixed the universe is fixed on wood,

God has been murdered…

God has clothed Himself in humanity,

For me a sufferer He has suffered;

For one condemned He has been judged;

For one buried He has been buried;

But He is risen from the dead

And He cries;

Who will plead against me? I have delivered the one who was condemned,

I have given back life to him who was dead,

I have raised up one who was buried.

Who will dispute my cause? I have abolished death,

I have crushed hell,

I have raised humanity to the highest heavens,

Yes, I, the Christ…

I am your forgiveness,

I am the Passover of salvation,

I am your light,

I am your resurrection.

(Melito of Sardis Easter Homily 2nd century, quoted in Roots of Christian Mysticism Olivier Clement)

Heaven on Earth

‘Since we can enjoy heaven on earth,

Let us be brave in begging the Lord to give us grace in such a way that nothing will be lacking through our own fault;

We ask that He show us the way and strengthen our souls, so that we may dig and find the treasure that lies deep within ourselves,’ Amen

Prayer of St. Teresa of Avila Interior Castle Chapter 5:1,2

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