Determination is what He desires

The Garden

Beginners must realise that in order to give delight to the Lord they are starting to cultivate a garden on very barren soil, full of abominable weeds. His Majesty pulls up the weeds and plants good seed. Now let us bear in mind that all this is already done by the time a soul is determined to practice prayer and has begun to make use of it. And with the help of God, we must strive like good gardeners to get these plants to grow and take pains to water them so that they don’t wither but come to bud and flower and give forth a pleasant fragrance…Then He will come to take delight in this garden and find His joy among these virtues.  (Life Chapter 11: 6)

Freedom of Spirit

So, I return to the advice – and even if I repeat it many times it does not matter- that is it is very important that no one be distressed or afflicted over dryness or noisy and distracting thoughts. If people wish to gain freedom of spirit and not be always troubled, let them begin by not being frightened by the cross and they will see how the Lord always helps them carry it.                (Life Chapter 11:17)

We belong to Him

Let us believe that all is for our own greater good. Let His Majesty lead the way along the path He desires. We belong no longer to ourselves but to Him. He grants us a great favour in wanting us to desire to dig in His garden and be in the presence of the Lord who is certainly present with us. (Life Chapter 11: 12)

Love Much

The important thing is not to think much but to love much and do that which best stirs you to love. (Interior Castle 4th Dwelling Places)

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