Confronting Love


Br. Thomas enters the realm of choice with us comparing attitudes of those confirmed in grace and those who are hell-bent in a self-enclosed bubble.

There is no punishment in hell more painful and hard to bear than being veiled from God.  If God were revealed in Hell to the people of Hell, sinful believers would never think of Paradise, since the sight of God would so fill them with joy that they would not feel bodily pain.  And in Paradise there is no pleasure more perfect than unveiledness.  If the people there enjoyed all the pleasures of that place and other pleasures a hundredfold, but were veiled from God, their hearts would be utterly broken.  Therefore, it is the way of God to let the hearts of those who love Him have vision of Him always, in order that the delight thereof may enable them to endure every tribulation; and they say in their visions, “We deem all torments more desirable that to be veiled from thee.  When Thy beauty is revealed to our hearts, we take no thought of affliction.

Rumi the Persian Poet


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