Clothed in Beauty

Easter 2022

Pouring out a thousand graces,

He passed these groves in haste;

And having looked at them,

With his image alone,

Clothed them in beauty.

(Stanza 6 The Spiritual Canticle – John of the Cross)

From the commentary;

‘Not only by looking at them did he communicate natural being and graces, as we said, but also, with this image of his Son alone, he clothed them in beauty by imparting to them supernatural being. This he did when he took on our human nature and elevated it in the beauty of God, and consequently all creatures, since in human nature he was united with them all. Accordingly, the Son of God proclaimed: ‘If I be lifted up from the earth, I will elevate all things to myself’ (John 12:32). And in this elevation of all things through the incarnation of his Son and through the glory of his resurrection according to the flesh not only did the Father beautify creatures partially, but we can say, he clothed them entirely in beauty and dignity.


In this glorious Easter season, let us pray that we may dare to live in the truth that through Christs resurrection we, along with all creatures have been clothed in beauty and dignity. We stand on Holy ground.



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