Christians Are Bodily

sieger koder

Fr. Tony Slingo of the Liverpool diocese spent six weeks at Holy Hill.  At his final Eucharistic celebration with us he got carried away by the Spirit talking about flesh.   Unfolding like a poem–concise, broad sweeps, so many themes connected.

  • Elijah had to go back to the source, the cave to be enlivened
  • The mouth is the instance of Christian spirituality
  • Eat me
  • Child at breast/eat and kiss
  • Wash one another’s feet
  • God is food for a new culture
  • The divine/human revealed through the touchable
  • Genesis says do not eat; Jesus says take and eat and you will never be driven out
  • Flesh is the shadow of Christianity
  • I will remain in you, set up home with you: become like me—divine
  • Involves a risk: what do you dare to digest?
  • How can we be more sexual, more worthy of what it means to be bodily?
Fr. Tony Slingo
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