Breaking Open the Word

Breaking open the Scriptures is one of the most sacred of human endeavors: Listening for the words that penetrate the Word. 

Fr. Eric helps us get hold of an important tool:  interpretation.  And then he enters the mind of Jesus who tells his disciples, alias, us, not to worry about status.  Do worry about how you are coming across to children.  And for sure you will be salted with fire.

Hard Sayings Fr. Eric Haarer

Mandate to Regain the Ability to Discern Truth

In this homily Fr. Eric applies the Gospel message, that God’s desire is that we live in a world characterized by fraternity. But Satan has other ideas.

Fr. Eric Haarer

Courage, Longanimity, Hilaritas

How do we avoid living in the shallows asks Br. Thomas.  By penetrating the day’s Scripture readings he gives us courage to cultivate what it takes.

Br. Thomas Crutcher
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