An Invitation to Perfect Contemplation (cont’d)


Gillian has the gift of being able to break open the writings of Teresa so that we are heart to heart with her words teaching us how to access “this little heaven” within us.

This Little Heaven

In the final talk after the break Sr. Ceil presented a biography of Caryll Houselander, a laywoman who had a fraught relationship with Catholicism.  Early on she was wounded by her Church and it took her years to return.   God uses our quirks, our flaws, and our wounds to make saints of us!

Brokenness As Asset

To be a contemplative, then, is not to be perfect, but to be humble and honest. To be as authentic as possible.  That the day was a blessing can only be because we met together in openness and welcome, that we were able to share in the receptivity of those others who all gathered in the Spirit of love and hope.

For our next gathering September 11th we are hoping to have many of you with us at Holy Hill in person.  We hope those of you far away will join us on Zoom.


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