All Souls are Capable of Love

‘If I don’t help anyone, the Lord will accept my desire.’ (F 5:2)

‘For I have run into some for whom it seems the whole business lies in thinking. If they can keep their mind occupied in God, even though great effort is exerted, they at once think they are spiritual.’ (F5:2)

‘It must be understood that not all imaginations are by their nature capable of this meditating, but all souls are capable of love.’ (F5:2) and she explains further;

‘The soul is not the mind, nor is the will directed by thinking…hence the souls progress does not lie in thinking much but in loving much.’ (F5:2)

‘Here is where love will be seen: not hidden in corners but in the occasions of falling.’ (F5:15)

‘It would be a thing hard to bear if we were able to pray only when off in some corner. (F5:16)

‘I consider one humble day of self-knowledge a greater favour from the Lord…than many days of prayer.’(F5:16)

‘O my Lord what power over you a sigh of sorrow has that comes from the depths of our heart.’(F5:16)

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