“Therefore I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her.” Hos. 2:14


Friends of Carmel at Holy Hill

The Friends of Carmel at Holy Hill is an association of lay people, sisters and priests, under the guidance of the Carmelite Community of Apostolic Hermits at Holy Hill in response to a call from God want to be his “good friends” by living the joy and adventure of the Gospel in the spirit of Carmel and the holy Celtic peoples.

Friends of Carmel is about being on the path, on the way of conversion. It is a commitment to a daily effort that is structured by a rule of life. In the midst of their normal family lives, in the work place, in their social commitments and other relationships, members seek out the hidden way of God.

Carmel is about experiencing God intimately, developing a relationship.

Formation and Spiritual guidance are offered to each member through regular meetings at Holy Hill as well as website input. Members are invited to contribute content to the web site and to dialogue with one another.

Carmelite and Celtic

The Carmelite Community of Apostolic Hermits feels it is their mission and charism to spread Carmel’s riches, her way of transformation into Christ that links Carmelite with Celtic spirituality. Both esteem Christ’s immanent and transcendent presence, a presence that we are meant to enjoy now!

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