Who We Are

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Patricia Curran-Mulligan The Agony in the Garden with friends

“All must be friends, all must be loved, all must be helped.” St. Teresa, Way, 4,7

In a world filled with chaos everything must be kept moving. One must always be on guard, anxious, alert, never slow down. We need places of stillness that invite interconnection and insight. Freedom always calls us to enlarge our frames of belonging.

A Friend of Carmel renewing her personal rule of life at Holy Hill

We good friends:

Want to experience life to the full,

Want a direct and intimate experience of God,

Want to be transformed in Christ.

By living life fully and adventurously, loving the people around us, immersing ourselves in the beauty of the world and developing our gifts, but above all when we allow ourselves to be crucified with Him and wait for God himself to raise us from the dead (The Rule of CCAH).

Know that “Prayer is not a technique that can be taught, but it erupts among people who prepare the way for God’s initiative through meditation and the practice of virtue.

Know that the intrinsic worth of my person is not ultimately judged by the quantity of my visible output but by the quality of my communion with Life himself, and the depth of my rootedness in him. At the very centre of my person I want there to reign a habit of silent receptivity to his promptings that can grow only through prayer. As I grow in this life of prayer, I grow closer to those others who travel this way with me.

And so, we are saying that being formed in a certain way, that is, having a common understanding of where we want to go and how we are going to get there, we can make God the centre of our lives. And that focus is the basis of our friendship.